Thank you for hosting me in your classrooms over the last few days. The sight and sound of kids in a classroom was wonderful to hear. Should you be interested, or have the time to continue with lessons and discussion about internet safety in your classrooms, I highly recommend the following sites. They are all run by non-profits, free and reputably resourced. They are easy to use, age-appropriate and professionally done. Explore these dynamic and engaging resources!

Online Activities to Use in Class

Equipment required: computer with internet access, projector, speakers and a screen at the front of the class.

  1. InterLand Internet Safety Game (ages 8-12); Play Interland on the whiteboard with the class and have students contribute to the choices you make in the game. Interland is part of Google’s ‘Be Internet Awesome’ resources; they include the game, curricula and teacher resources. (10-20 minutes)
  2. BrainPOP Jr. Internet Safety  (ages 7-12); Teachers and students can watch the video on the whiteboard together or view and do the quiz independently. (15-25 minutes)
  3. The Social Dilemma (ages 10-18);  Have students watch the 21 min video summary of the documentary,  “The Social Dilemma”.  Follow up by going to Tristian Harris’s website,  Humane Tech and follow links “Get Involved” > “For Youth, Parents and Educators”. Take action!

Comprehensive Internet Safety Curricula (K-12)

The following sites offer internet safety curricula that have been developed by non-profit agencies for public use. Some sites may require signing up for an account (i.e. CSM). All offer comprehensive, professionally developed, multi-media curricula for you to use in your classroom. is Canada’s internet safety educator. It hosts many resources for teachers and parents alike.

Google has the “Be Internet Awesome”  project (grades 2-6)  that contains an Internet Code of Ethics,  the Interland Game, multiple Curricula and a Family Guide.

NetSmartzKids (NCMEC-US) interactive resources to teach online safety for grades K-5 . This site includes videos, interactive puzzles and ebooks,

Common Sense Media, is the largest most comprehensive North America digital literacy site with content for grades K-12. Many free lesson plans and content here.

#DQInstitute offers a free Child Digital Readiness Kit for students grades  2-7. It is an 8-Day Home-Based E-Learning for Children (Ages 8-12) and Parents

Thinkuknow is the education programme from CEOP, a UK organization. They offer online for ages 4-14+. Specific units are provided to self-explore topics such as viewing videos, taking pictures and gaming.

Childnet International is a UK based charity that offers interactive and dynamic resources for children ages 6-17, parents and teachers, including read-aloud stories, video lessons and an animated series. It has been working on international partnerships to make the internet a great and safe place for children since 1995.