Your Life Online

Links & Advice

For Gr. 6-8 Students


This handy PDF contains links to:

  • photography and privacy laws
  • geo-tagging and AirDrop info
  • Snapchat stats
  • cyber abuse references
  • positive games
  • sources for sexual health information, sexting legalities
  • updates on the sextortion of boys
  • reporting tools for cyber abuse and OCSE

Links  are provided to the research, websites, resources, videos and apps referenced in the SafeOnline “Your Life Online” presentation.


These are my best suggestion for keeping yourself safe online. Kids aged 12 in 2023 have access to more online stuff and devices than kids aged 12 in 2013.

This advice follows the outline of the in-person ‘Your Life Online” presentation for grades 6-8 done by Merlyn Horton, SafeOnline Education.

You will find how to manage your permanent digital reputation and what to think about before taking or posting photos online—and recommendations on how to respond to online abuse or sextortion.

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SafeOnline Resources : Your Life Online
SafeOnline Resources : Your Life Online