Saanich families learn about online safety

Over 1400 people educated in two days!

It is increasingly important to educate ourselves and our loved ones about potential dangers in the online world.  That’s why the recent trip to Saanich, B.C. by Merlyn, an expert in online safety, was such a valuable opportunity for over 1400 students and parents in the community. 

Merlyn’s student presentation (‘Your Life Online’) covered a wide range of topics—from cyber abuse and online predators to protecting a permanent digital reputation. The audiences in three middle schools (grades 6-8) were engaged and receptive to Merlyn’s messages about the tools they use every day. They appreciated hearing about some of the hidden aspects of those apps and games they might not have thought of.  Many were grateful for the opportunity to learn more about how to keep themselves safer online and said they were looking forward to following up with her recommendations.

Merlyn Horton speaking to students at North Saanich Middle School, April 2023
Merlyn's equipment set up for the Bay Side Sharks!

Communication is important

One of the key takeaways during  Melryn’s parent presentation was the importance of communication. Parents were encouraged to talk openly with their children about the dangers of the internet and to establish clear rules and boundaries for online activity. Merlyn also emphasized the need for parents to monitor their children’s online behaviour and be aware of potential online threats.

Merlyn Horton talking with students at Royal Oak Middle School.
Merlyn Horton introduces herself to students at Royal Oak Middle School.

The receptivity of the audiences to the presentations is a testament to the importance of online safety education and to the willingness of parents and students alike to take an active role in protecting themselves and their families online. 

Remember—by communicating openly, establishing clear boundaries, and staying informed about the latest online threats and resources, we can all stay safer and more secure in today's digital world.