Managing Online Risks:
Online Safety for Professionals

Healthy family dynamics are suffering from digital distraction, screen time saturation and increased levels of social isolation!

Online Safety for Youth-serving Professionals

SafeOnline presentations for youth-serving professionals provide essential information and guidance for therapists, counsellors, youth workers, family support workers and educators about how to protect children, young people and families from online dangers and offer them help managing screen time and devices.

My decades of experience in education, social services, housing and restorative justice give me a youth-centred perspective that ensures my content is research-based and relevant to your practices. I can offer your staff robust training relevant to their client’s needs and concerns.

  • Staff and volunteersIs technology impacting your clients?  Increasing their victimization? Increasing their access to illegal, immoral or dangerous people, materials and information?
  • Are you dealing with the mental, relational or health effects that online technologies are having on your clients, staff, executives and volunteers?
  • Are you tearing your hair out trying to enforce organization HR policies around online use, while you weave between reality, staff behaviours and client demands?
  • Are your volunteers and staff struggling with online addictions to gambling, pornography or gaming?

If you are interested in a specific topic or have a special audience in mind, please contact me for a consultation.

Current Presentations:

Technology & Mental Wellness: The Pros, the Cons and the Future

Discover the emerging mental health apps and software revolutionizing mental wellness today! This presentation provides an up-to-date look at the threats, trends and opportunities that come with using these technologies. Explore how pro-social and therapeutic mental health apps are being used by staff and clients to improve overall well-being. 

Online Pornography & Adolescent Sexual Health

Are you tired of feeling powerless when it comes to helping preteens and teens navigate their online pornography use? This presentation is here to provide you with the knowledge and resources needed for a greater understanding of the current research on the effects of online pornography on sexual health, norms, and development. Included will be up-to-date information about teen sexting, online pornography consumption and risks of being exploited. The presentation provides an engaging look into how to help youth manage their sexual experimentation, research and media consumption in a healthier way.

Foster Parenting Online: Risks, Opportunities and Strategies

Children in care face many additional challenges online. This presentation provides foster parents and caregivers helpful guidance on ways that technology can both positively and negatively impact children’s behaviours. You’ll learn why gaming can be beneficial, as well as harmful – and discuss strategies for setting house rules around online access.

The Online Lives of Youth: A Frontline Workers Toolkit

This presentation will educate youth-focused professionals about the complications that technology can create for youth and families, and how best to respond. It includes an overview of the relevance of social media and gaming’s impact on children, youth and families. We will discuss why youth are susceptible to social media and how media use affects social-emotional development, body image, sexual development, suicide risks, reputation management, sleep habits, social interactions and online exploitation. Resources and inspiration to remedy these issues. 

Fake News, Online Hate and Cancel Culture: Helping Youth Cope Online in 2023

Coming out of the last two years of lockdown and forced online engagement, youth are more than ever exposed to online influences beyond our reach as youth workers. These influences affect youth AND their families, with the result of youth being responsible for figuring out the ‘truth’ online for themselves, while also managing their parents’ and grandparents’ experiences with misinformation and conspiracy theories. This presentation will outline and define fake news, online hate and cancel culture, and will explore solution-focused activities that youth workers can use in recreational settings to support and educate youth about these topics.