Merlyn Horton ~ Values & Principles

My promise to you is that all my work starts from a place of :

  • curiosity 

  • compassion

  • research-based approaches

  • inclusion

  • respect for young people’s rights and knowledge

I maintain:

Unconditional positive regard 

I approach each individual as a human being who has their own free will. I interact with the assumption that everyone is doing the best they can, with the information they have. Unconditional positive regard is the foundation of my work – for every person I meet.

Child and youth-centred perspective

I believe that children are at the cutting edge of dangers on the internet. They have the right to be recognized for their expertise, consulted about their experiences, and involved in developing solutions.

Social Emotional approach

I have seen how shame, blame and guilt have been used to harm children in education settings. These are risky, ineffective educational tools and harmful to learning.

I believe everyone deserves to be seen and heard. I prioritize creating an educational environment where all, students, parents and professionals can feel welcomed, accepted, and respected regardless of their technical skills opinions or concerns.

My vision is to create a safe space for people of all backgrounds to express their true selves online.