Managing Cyber Abuse for CLTO Influencers – Part One 

Cyber Abuse Definitions

Reputation abuse – misrepresentations, slander, and name-calling

Emotion abuse – degrading, threatening, harassing

Financial abuse – extortion (blackmail) or coercion

Sexual abuse – blackmailing others for sexual images

Targets or Victims

Talk about how to avoid being a victim; how to manage abuse when it comes to you; document/report/debrief

Upstanders and Bystanders

Upstanders – Definition

Bystanders – Definitions

Cyber Abusers – Who Are They?

Cyber Abusers


if you make a mistake



Project Instructions and Resources

1. If your friend was being bullied online, how could you respond? What online resources would you recommend they go to? Write a sample message to your friend with the advice about what to do. Use the links below to write a four sentence message to your friend. 

2. Scavenger Hunt –  Go to the following sites and answer the questions below

3. Make a 15 second video or Tik Tok containing 3 anti-cyberbullying messages – (10 -120 mins)


Cyber Abuse Links – Part Two