Online Safety Presentations,
Workshops & Webinars

Teen girls using smartphones

How can I manage my kids’ screen time?

At what age is a mobile device okay for my child?

How do I teach my students about online trends, risks and reporting tools?

How do I provide training for my foster parents or my PAC
to learn about managing online risks to teens?

What role is technology playing in my client’s mental health,
high-risk behaviours or learning?

What current trends in youth online culture impact my
professional services to youth and families?

The answers to your questions are here!

Dynamic, creative and often unexpected — my online safety programs are designed to open minds and encourage everyone to help children grow up safely online.


  • How technology is designed to capture our attention and why children’s social-emotional development is irreversibly impacted.
  • The impacts of technology on youth mental health, social-emotional development, sexual development and experience of the world.
  • Key strategies, tips and resources that you can use immediately.
  • Topics include: Cyberbullying, Online Pornography, Sexting, Gaming, Fake News, Online Reputations

Kids' Safety Online: Advice for Parents & Caregivers

My online safety webinars and workshops make life easier for parents and caregivers to understand the risks and rewards of online activities. I provide an immersive learning experience — tools, strategies, interactive engagement and resources for you and your family.


School Digital Literacy Package

School Digital Literacy Packages are a game-changer for your school community! Students, parents and educators learn about digital literacy and online safety ensuring that everyone is aware of the same information. Well-researched information and engaging activities that make learning more fun!


Managing Online Risks:
Presentations for Youth-Serving Professionals

Everyone who teaches or works with youth knows screen time and online media impact youth. Technology is affecting young people’s mental health, sexual development and identity every day.  My presentations, workshops and keynote speeches provide your staff team with an understanding of the complexities and risks associated with online use for children and youth today.


Online Safety for Children and Youth

These in-person student presentations provide a lively experience that shows students (grades 6-10) how to think critically, be good digital citizens and engage online safely. One hour in length, they deeply engage students in thinking about the consequences of being online and provide them with ideas and resources about how to be better online citizens.



Would you like to talk about an idea you have about a workshop or presentation? Do you think one of my presentations is ‘almost perfect’ but needs some customizing to suit your needs? I am happy to schedule a call with you to discuss your specific needs or ideas.