Establish Online Rules Early!

 Like the other incremental responsibilities and freedoms we provide our children as they grow up, online education ideally starts early. Starting with complete physical restrictions of media use for children ages 0-2, and evolving into co-engagement, supervision and varying levels of constraints for children ages 3-16.

At a basic level, for very young children or those children experiencing difficulties resisting devices at all, co-engagement is the safest way for your child to participate online. Sitting with your child, viewing the same device and experiencing online activities with them in real time is ideal. Using technology with your child means you can talk about online experiences as they occur.

If your children are more fluent and more engaged online, supervision should be the next stage. This is as easy as making sure all use of technology is in view of a parent or children 3-6, or as complicated as ensuring that children are not alone or unsupervised with peers while playing online, for children ages 6-10.