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Learn how to keep children and youth safe online.

"Merlyn Horton delivers online safety information for parents & caregivers, youth, schools and youth-serving professionals —her knowledge of online environments and the dynamics of online communities as they pertain to youth and children is unparalleled."

Children and youth experience the negative impacts of social media, cyberbullying, gaming, sexting, online pornography and permanent digital reputations every day.

You can change that.

Online safety information is vital for children and youth. Strategies and tools are needed by parents, caregivers and all the professionals that support and serve them. Merlyn Horton offers engaging, information-rich presentations that equip adults to engage with kids online and encourage kids to think critically about their online choices.

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Kids Safety Online: Advice for Parents & Caregivers

Children are exposed to cyberbullying, sexting and online risks and need informed parents and caregivers to guide and support them. Online safety education for parent & caregiver workshops equip adults to deal with the intense new challenges of supervising and monitoring children’s screen time. Presentations will enhance parents’ skills, awareness and confidence.

Online safety webinars for parents
Workshops & Presentations for Educators

School Digital Literacy Package

SafeOnline’s School Digital Literacy Package promotes positive digital literacy and citizenship in the whole school community. The Package includes workshops for students, parents and educators. Resource handouts are provided for each group. 

Online Safety for Children & Youth

SafeOnline Student In-Person Presentations are information-rich, lively presentations designed to enhance digital literacy and deeply engage young people ages 10-16 in thinking critically about their online lives. 

In-person Online Safety Presentations for students
Online safety workshops for youth-serving professionals

Online Risk Management for Professionals

Technology is affecting young people’s mental health, sexual development and identity construction every day. As professionals who work with children and youth, you are seeing its effects. SafeOnline Workshops for Professionals will inform your practice with current research, trends and risks online so you and your staff can better serve your clients.


Give your staff the valuable resources they need to stay safe online today! Together, we can design a custom workshop that will inform them about potential internet risks.

Consultations on internet safety for organizations

Merlyn Horton's research-based SafeOnline Programs improve digital literacy for children, youth and parents.

What They’re Saying

“…it was absolutely, extraordinarily done and I think one of the highlights is this information will be relatable to such a diverse group of students. I wholeheartedly recommend this presentation to teenagers across Canada.”

Teacher, Ucuelet, Nov 2022

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Merlyn Horton and SafeOnline Education Associates support the values and goals of SOGI 123 and acknowledge everyone’s right to respect for their gender identity and sexual orientation.
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